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HSR - Benelli has just announced a 342bhp Jet Ski powered by a v6 made from two of its 1098cc triples. Considering that previously a 250bhp supercharged ZX-14 motor powered the fastest, most powerful jetski around, these Jet Skis are incredibly fast .
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Series R Naked Edition: 3 cylinder inline 4 stroke, 1098cc, 142 hp, 1-3 seater, 260kg dry weight. Base model, designed for those people who want to enjoy a peaceful day riding.

Naked 142 HP - 56-57 mpH

£12,510 incl. vat
Uk Delivery £400

Series R Pro Edition: 3 cylinder inline 4 stroke, 1098cc, 172 hp, 1-3 seater, 263 kg dry.

Pro 172 HP - 61-62 mpH

£10,074 incl. vat
Uk Delivery £450

Series R Prestige: V6 cylinder 4 stroke, 2196cc, 278 hp, 1-3 seater, 328 kg dry.  87l Fuel Capacity


Prestige 278 HP - 75 mpH

£15,954 incl. vat
Uk Delivery £450


The ski has 342 horses and is designed for people who want maximin acceleration. With this much power it really is a racing jet ski and is likely to be as successful as the Hydrospace S4 at bringing home the bacon. The Race Series R is 85 hp more powerful than the new SeaDoo RXT X which, until HSR-Benelli released itsseries R, had the most horse power on the market. It is also 33kg lighter than the RXP-X, so in terms of power, Benelli comes out on top.

.Series R Race Edition: V6 cylinder 4 stroke, 2196cc, 342 hp, 1-3 seater, 3235mm x 1200mm, 87 ltr fuel tank, 328 kg dry weight. Top model is designed for those who want full power, if you're looking for respect on the water.

Race 343 HP - 80+ mpH

£17,754 incl. vat
Uk Delivery £450

benelli power kit


The Benelli Power Kit 140 provides a 30hp increase delivering excellent acceleration.

ECU 140 is installed. ECU is programmed to increase turbo boost, fuel delivery and engine timing for maximum performance. Plugs directly into wiring harness in place of stock ECU.

Intercooler 140 is installed. Larger, more efficient intercooler replaces original unit delivering cooler intake air to engine. Features large, unrestricted core that exhibits minimal pressure loss compared to stock intercooler.


The Hydrospace is the world's first stand-up four-stroke jet ski, or personal watercraft. It was introduced in October 2005 by Hydrospace Inc. In 2007, Hydrospace Inc. changed their name to HSR-Benelli following the acquisition of Benelli Motori (related to, but unaffiliated with Benelli shotguns or Benelli motorcycles).

The company originated in Pöchlarn, Austria, with US offices in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Hydrospace is a single-passenger stand-up watercraft which was designed primarily for racing. Until 2008, the only model offered was the "Hydrospace S4", with a retail price of around $15,000 USD.

The S4 is powered by a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with a displacement of 749cc, which is rated at 110 hp. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger from the factory. The S4 has a dry weight of 370 lbs. making it the second heaviest stand-up ever made, second only to Sea-doo's 3D which had a dry weight of 580 lbs.


In 2008, the newly formed HSR-Benelli released new models of personal watercraft, including the first PWC powered by a V6. The Series-R Prestige and the Series-R Race Edition three-person PWCs are both are powered by V6s, rated at 278 and 342 horsepower, respectively.





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