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tide clock

Stainless steel time and tide clock

  • Works with any local tide.
  •         Easy to use… simply set the hand to high tide in your local area, and you can throw away that tide timetable… it will keep track of your tide.
  •        The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the sea.
  •         The perfect addition to any home, boat or holiday house.

  • From sailing to sand castles, we all need to know what the tide is doing!
  • Synchronised to the moon's daily cycle, the combination time and tide clock gives you an innovative and convenient guide to tides, whilst also providing conventional time keeping.

The quartz driven tide hand will rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes around the solid stainless steel fascia, giving you the state of the tide at a glance. This design also provides an idication of how many hours remain until high or low water.

The black conventional clock hands work quite independently from the tide hand and can be adjusted using the small fly wheel on the back of the movement. The tide hand can be adjusted using the larger wheel, again found on the back of the movement.

Designed to complement most homes the tide clocks simple, clean, quality appearance appeals to all tide time users not just one specific sport or pastime.

How does a tide clock work?

Tides are caused mainly by the moons gravitational pull on the ocean. The time it takes the moon to reappear at the same place in the sky each day is 24 hours and 50 minutes.

Most areas in the world have two high tides and two low tides a day, so the tide clock has been specially designed to rotate twice each lunar day (every 12 hours and 25 minutes) giving you a quick and easy indication of high and low water.

The quartz tide clock will always stay synchronized with the moon.

There are other influences on sea levels that effect exact tide times and the user should take these into account:

Strong on / off shore winds
Changing volume of river flows
Atmospheric pressure
The suns own gravitational pull, when lined up with the moon

(with time remaining until high and low water indication)
wall mounted . 195mm in diameter


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