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UK Response to the EC ICZM Recommendation
Life's a beach
The Thanet Coast is as valuable for wildlife as it is to pleasure seekers and now everyone using the beach this year can help contribute to its conservation.
The Thanet Coast
Project works hard to
make sure that
people can continue
to enjoy our unique
coast, whilst allowing
wildlife to thrive here
too. The Thanet
Coastal Codes were
first produced in 2002
and are regularly
referred to by English
Nature and the Kent
Police as great
examples of best practice in conserving the environment.
Last year, these codes were given their first facelift, in light of new comments that had risen since the first set of codes had been produced, and then approved by coastal representatives.
On 30 May 2002, the European Union adopted a Recommendation on implementing Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Europe.          This
Recommendation asked Member States to adopt a strategic approach to the management of their coastal zones, based on a number of principles laid out in the document. It specifically recommended that Member States undertake a stocktaking exercise of the current framework of laws, policies and institutions for their coastal zones, which was to be used to form the basis of a national strategy or wider coastal strategies.
Member States were also asked to report their experiences of implementing the Recommendation to the Commission, including the results of the stocktaking exercise and information on the strategy or strategies proposed at the national level for implementation of ICZM.
The Government published the UK Response to the Recommendation on 31 March 2006. This report summarised the UK stocktaking findings and also set out summaries of individual ICZM strategies or proposed strategies for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the actions to be taken to implement these strategies.
Defra is currently preparing a consultation document which will ask for views from those with an interest in the coast, about how ICZM might be promoted throughout England. This document will be published shortly.
The full UK response to the Commission's Recommendation on ICZM is available through the Defra website at:
The general 'Seashore Code' is for all coastal users. The points within each code are really easy to carry out and can make a huge difference to our coastal wildlife and environment. The specific activity codes cover:
•    Horse Riding
•    Dog Walking
•    Powercraft Activities
•    Wind-powered Activities
•    Shellfish Harvesting & Fixed Netting
•    Shore Angling
•    Bait Digging & Collecting
•    Field Trips
Countries all around the world are seeking ways to encourage responsible leisure activities and so it's great that everyone in Thanet can get on board and start thinking the same way. By following the Coastal Codes local people and visitors can help reduce our effect on wildlife and keep our surroundings in a favourable condition for future generations to enjoy.
If you or your club are interested in finding out more about the codes and what you can do to help protect our coastal features and wildlife for the future, you can view them on the project's website or pick up a brand new copy of the Thanet Coastal Codes from your local library, visitor information centre or by contacting the Thanet Coast Project on 01843 577672 or



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