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Medway and Swale's Big Clean
The Medway and
Swale Estuary
Partnership (MSEP)
hosted a weekend
of river clean ups
on 22nd and 23rd
April. Six locations
along the riverside
were chosen for
their large amounts
of rubbish
deposited on the
shores at high tide.
All the sites were
accessible and safe
for volunteers, who gave their time to help pick up the rubbish. Enthusiastic
volunteers from the Medway Rowing club, Hathaway Court residential group,
local residents, Medway youth offenders and local councillors enjoyed the
sunshine on the Saturday and were not deterred at all by the heavy drizzle on
Sunday. A wide range of litter was picked up over the weekend, including
plastic bottles, fishing wire with hooks, large water tanks and syringes, all of
which were disposed of accordingly. Over the six sites, 116 volunteers to
Equipment in the form of litter pickers, bags, gloves, sharps boxes were kindly supplied by Thames 21, RSPB and MSEP. Medway and Swale Councils helped to pick up the rubbish collected by volunteers and Medway Ports supported MSEP greatly throughout the clean up, supplying the hire of large the skips. Immense thanks goes to all the volunteers and organisations who supported the project.
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Safety messages out in Thanet
The work of four young designers will be on display in Thanet this summer, explaining how youngsters can stay safe on the seashore. Charlotte Week, Rebekah Buchanan, Beth Reader and Liam Poulton were the winners of the Thanet Coast Project's Coastal Codes poster competition. The posters promote the vital messages of the Seashore and School Trip Codes. The competition formed part of the Thanet Coast Project's educational programme visiting 3,500 children in a two-week period in 2005. The school visits led by Chris Betts, Water Safety Supervisor of Thanet Leisure Force, and HM Coastguard, Dave Melmoth, focused on sea safety and marine conservation.
The posters have been professionally designed by Pfizer, who have also paid for their printing. One A3 copy of each poster will be sent to every primary school in Thanet. As well as seeing their creations on the classroom walls, the posters are also on the Thanet Coast Project's website and will be displayed at the area's beaches. Naomi Biggs, Thanet Coast Education Officer who organised the poster competition said, "Pfizer has been very supportive in producing the posters and their creative team have really done the children's artwork justice. The posters are wonderfully bright and colourful and sure to grab the attention of young people around Thanet.
Since the clean up took place in April,
where three 12 yard skips and three open rubbish trucks were filled, the banks of the river are looking j cleaner and safer | for all to use. However the battle it is not over yet. Due to the natural
tidal patterns on
the River Medway, a tributary of the Thames, the rubbish is always mobile. Something dropped in the river at Maidstone may end up on the banks of Rochester. Huge amounts of positive feedback have been received and members of the public, community groups and special interest groups have all been in contact regarding their involvement in future clean-up events.
MSEP would like to hold and facilitate more clean-up events along the river over the summer and autumn of this year and years to come. We are trying to encourage the public to become more involved with their local area of river. Presently, MSEP is in talks with Medway Council, Swale Borough Council and Medway Ports to provide more dates and locations for future river clean ups. We are currently building up a "friends of the river bank" contact database and are looking for new recruits who would like to be involved in any future clean up events. If you would like to join the database and become an active member involved with improving our wildlife and heritage rich riverside environment please contact Jodie McGregor, Estuary Officer. As a local resident said "if we all work together we can make a cleaner and more enjoyable river for everyone. It was lovely to get to know neighbours we never knew we had"
For more information contact Jodie McGregor, Estuary Officer, on 01795 590112
Help look after our coast!
EveryDoay nas an important role to
play in
keeping our beaches clean and safe and these posters are an ideal way to communicate how local residents and visitors can all help preserve our beaches for many years to come."
For more information contact Naomi Biggs on 01843 577672



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