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Sea-Doo Jet Ski RXP RXT 400hp Mach 1 Turbocharger

Sea-Doo 4-Tech Mach 1 PWC Turbocharger System


AN RXP WITH 215Hp hits 60mpg in 4.5 seconds this kit has 400 hp.!!!!!!!!!!

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Mach1 Turbo Kit for Sea-Doo RXP: This kit consists of all of the necessary parts fully assembled and will transform the supercharged RXP into a turbocharged monster. We start off with a Garrett high performance ball bearing/water cooled turbocharger with a modified compressor housing that allows our turbo to spool up faster than any other comparable sized compressor currently on the market. The kit includes an adjustable boost controller, oil pressure pump, blow-off valve and all piping necessary to make the connections to your external intercooler. This kit is for the PWC enthusiast that wants to make the most amount of horsepower and offers blistering acceleration that has to be experienced to be believed!! Due to the amount of boost and horsepower that our turbocharger is capable of, we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase our fuel controller with this kit. This controller comes with high flow fuel injectors and is pre-mapped for the optimum air/fuel ratio. Please DO NOT exceed the boost pressure that we indicate as doing so can result in engine failure.

Please note that this kit is for RACE USE ONLY and there is NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WITH THE USE OF THIS KIT. In addition the manufacturer, distributor or reseller of this product shall not be held liable for any damages that occur in connection with the installation of this kit. All risk associated with the use or misuse of this product sold by us, our dealers or resellers is strictly the responsibility of the user or purchaser. By purchasing this kit you agree to accept FULL liability.

Only people that have a full and complete understanding of engines and have the ability to SAFELY work on them should attempt to install and use this product.

This kit contains a high performance turbocharger that runs off the engines HOT Exhaust gasses and can cause serious injury or even death if not handled or installed properly!!

A list of componets recommended for the Mach 1 Turbo Kits. Lower Compression Pistons ,External Cooler,Fuel Control System

,Optional but very much recommended is the Engine Block Guard. Block guards help prevent catastrophic engine failure by preventing the cylinder sleeves from moving/walking at high engine RPM's. ,

Go to youtube.com and search for Turbo RXP all these are the Mach 1 turbo systems. Each of these customers have done a wide variaty of set-ups from basic fuel management system to the insane. Look for the 600+ HP 30lbs boost turbo system with 6 160lbs injectors on 100% methenyl. This will soon be dino tested at Riva.
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In 1920, BRP-Rotax began revolutionizing the engine. With a gifted team and a dedicated vision, we've never looked back.

BRP-Rotax has developed over 350 engine types and has produced more than 5 million engines over the last century.



Sale of Recreational Products Group by Bombardier Inc.; Foundation of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) with BRP-Rotax as part of the new company.

Presentation of the innovative V220 and V300 aircraft engines developed by BRP-Rotax.

BRP-Rotax is approved as International Design Organisation according to JAR-21 by the European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).


Launch of the new 2-stroke semi-direct electronic injection technology : ROTAX 2-TEC engines for Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

Launch of the ROTAX Kart RM1 with direct drive (without chain).


Launch of ROTAX 4-TEC 4-stroke engines for Sea-Doo watercraft.


The ROTAX Quality Production System (RQPS) is initiated.


Production of ROTAX engines for Bombardier ATVs begins.


Production of ROTAX motorcycle engines for BMW†, Germany begins.


Production of ROTAX marine engines for Bombardier Sea-Doo watercraft begins.


Production of ROTAX motorcycle engines for APRILIA begins.


Production of ROTAX 4-stroke and aircraft engines begins.


Bombardier and ROTAX integrate


For the first time, a ROTAX engine is installed in a Ski-Doo snowmobile developed by Bombardier.


LOHNERWERKE GmbH of Vienna acquires a majority shareholding in Rotax.


Operations are relocated to Gunskirchen near Wels.


Operations are relocated to Wels, Austria


The company is taken over by Fichtel & Sachs AG and transfers its operations to Schweinfurt/Germany.


ROTAX WERK AG is established in Dresden, Germany