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2010 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 model rules the waves
with exclusive new

The performance segment is all about the highest performance and most leading edge
technology. So it is no surprise that BRP has a lock on this segment, thanks to its well-earned
reputation for always pushing the envelope with new innovation. 2009 is no exception, and the
stellar Sea-Doo performance line-up – the most powerful and quickest in the industry – takes
performance and technology to previously unheard of new heights with the all-new
Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 model.


The 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 model gets its top of the line performance from a supercharged
and intercooled 255 hp Rotax® 4-TEC® engine, the most powerful in the industry. This 255 is the
one that many magazines confirm has the best fuel economy in its class, while delivering the
highest output and the best performance. Now, RXT iS 255 ramps up that superior performance
with a host of advanced technology and exclusive innovation that assures it the top place in
rough water performance.
RXT iS 255: All-New Sea-Doo Intelligent Control System – sophisticated, seamless and
• Adapts to every riding style
• Accommodates to changing water conditions
• User-friendly technology you can use

The new Sea-Doo iControl system™ is the brain that integrates and controls all system.
iControl optimizes the functionality of the new Sea-Doo Intelligent Suspension and Intelligent
Brake and Reverse technologies (see below) and is responsible for the never-beforeexperienced
ability of riders to adapt models on the fly to different riding styles, changing water
conditions. iControl is responsible for the never-before-experienced ability of riders to adapt

RXT iS 255 models on the fly to different riding styles, changing water conditions, and a wide
variety of the key iControl features and benefits on the 2009 the Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 include
(see Technology Backgrounder for details):

• Cruise control to set and maintain a constant speed;
• Cable-less, Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) for improved fuel economy;
• GPS speedometer for more accurate speed-readings;
• Improved Learning Key™ that allows the owner to set speed limits and control the
amount of acceleration, while also reducing fuel consumption;
• Interactive Multi Function Digital Information Centre with iS, iBR and Learning Key
• Off-Throttle Assisted Steering (O.T.A.S.) for enhanced control when the throttle is not
engaged; and
• Slow Speed Mode™ for the ability to adjust and set idle speed from 0 to 7 mph (0 to 11

RXT iS 255: All-New Sea-Doo Intelligent Suspension – the smoothest ride on water
• Greater comfort
• Less rider fatigue
• Better control

The 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 is equipped with BRP’s all-new, industry-first, Intelligent
Suspension™ (iS™) System. iS delivers the smoothest ride of any PWC, while being incredibly
versatile and very user-friendly. With six inches (15 cm) of travel, the RXT iS 255 is factory
calibrated to accommodate the larger waves typical of off-shore riding. iS supports the entire
rider environment, so the operator can stay seated, while the impact from waves is absorbed by
the suspension.
iS is rider adjustable on the fly. A rocker switch on the left handle bar allows the rider to finetune
the suspension calibration through nine different settings from soft to firm. This way, the
operator can adapt the ride according to personal preference and changing conditions. The
current setting is displayed at the top of the Interactive Multi-Function Digital Information Centre.
The major benefit of iS is to enhance the PWC experience by allowing the rider to travel longer
distances with more comfort and less fatigue. For passengers, iS also means less strain, plus a
greatly enhanced feeling of security and comfort.
When the 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 is turned off, or the rider engages “Park” mode by
pressing a button on the Info Centre, the iS system automatically lowers the centre of gravity of
the watercraft by almost 3 inches (76 mm) for greater stability at rest and easier trailering.

RXT iS 255: All-New Sea-Doo Intelligent Brake and Reverse – first ever on-water braking
• On demand stopping
• Better situational awareness
• Superior low speed maneuvering
• Improved safety

The 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 is also equipped with BRP’s highly innovative Intelligent Brake
and Reverse™ (iBR™) system. iBR is a Sea-Doo exclusive with several integrated functions:
the first-ever on water braking system; new hands-on-the-handlebars reverse; and an enhanced
variable trim system.
The brake system significantly increases watercraft safety by providing the ability for riderinitiated
and controlled slowing down, stopping and improved obstacle avoidance. A lever on
the left handlebar controls braking, similar to the one found on Ski-Doo® snowmobiles or
Can-Am™ ATV’s. Through the natural and intuitive positioning and operation of this lever, the
rider controls the amount of braking and can stop within a significantly shorter distance.
The brake system works by cutting engine power, deploying the reverse gate and by reapplying
engine power in reverse within a fraction of a second of applying sufficient brake lever
pressure. After applying the brake, the system will default to Neutral until the throttle is reapplied.
When the watercraft is stopped and the iBR lever is squeezed, it acts like a shift lever to select
reverse. For greater control, both hands remain on the handlebars for all reverse functions.
With iBR, the watercraft always starts in neutral, which prevents the PWC from moving on start
up. This feature is especially important for docking and maneuvering in close quarters.

An enhanced high performance electronic VTS™ is an exclusive Sea-Doo technology
integrated into the iBR system. This intuitive VTS allows the rider to easily fine-tune
performance to suit personal preference and enhance handling. The iBR also allows the rider to
pre-set up and down positions using handlebar-mounted buttons. The rider can also make onthe-
fly trim adjustments of +/- 4 degrees to accommodate changing water or load conditions.
RXT iS 255 - All-New S3™ Hull – Stepped, Stable and Strong:

• Precise, tunable handling
• Smoother, more stable ride
• Effortless, tight cornering

BRP introduces the stepped hull design on the 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 model. On the S3
hull, the “step” is aft of the intake and reduces drag by creating a low-pressure zone. The
benefit is more nimble handling and keeping the hull “glued to the water”. When combined with
the exclusive Sea-Doo Enhanced High Performance VTS™ (Variable Trim System, see above)
the stepped hull delivers precise, tunable handling that makes the 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255
corner “like it’s on rails”.

The RXT iS 255 S3 hull delivers a smoother, more stable ride. With its Deep-V design, narrow
chine and 139” (353 cm) length (9“ [23 cm] longer than previous the 2008 RXT models), the
new S3 hull is exceptionally stable and confidence inspiring. The hull design is very tolerant to
lateral wave impacts, resulting in very little roll or change in direction from this cross motion.
What’s more, the longer length provides more room for passengers and allows the hull to bridge
waves better for a smoother ride. The Deep-V design, which is deeper than the RXT-X model,
also allows the hull to cut through rough water, which makes the ride a lot less tiring. It also
enables a lean-in riding style that enhances the feeling of security and confidence for riders while cornering. The benefit is that the G-forces tend to push the rider down onto the seat,rather than out of it, so rider energy is working with the PWC rather than against it for effortless,
tight cornering.
The S3 hull makes the 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 MODEL exceptionally strong. Stiffer than
other hull designs thanks to its ribbed construction, the S3 has the strength to better resist
damage from impacts and maintain its shape even under high loads. The new, lightweight hull
material is up to 15% lighter than best material currently in use. The S3 hull is built using a
closed-mold process, which allows precise control over shape, in addition to increasing
manufacturing efficiency and being more environmentally friendly. The S3 hull is finished with
gelcoat, for a high quality finish that is easy to repair.
RXT iS 255: All-New Deck is Loaded With Convenience Features: The new deck on the
2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 model displays several industry firsts. Some of the key features and
benefits for 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 riders include (see Technology Backgrounder for

• Tilt steering and gauges
• Hinged seat
• Splash deflector
• Pop-up fuel filler

2009 RXT iS 255 standard features also include dual mirrors, and re-boarding ladder. Options
include Speed TiesTM, retractable mooring lines located fore and aft for more convenient
docking; and a handy, removable glove box organizer.

Exclusive to International makets, the 2009, Sea-Doo RXP-X RS 255 and RXT-X RS 255
watercraft are high-performance “X” models with increased top speed, exceptional power, armstretching
acceleration and incredible handling for enthusiast riders. The 255 hp supercharged
and intercooled Rotax 4-TEC engine powers the awesome X RS models – the most powerful
engine BRP has ever offered in a production watercraft.The X models also enjoy the best
power-to-weight ratio in the industry for the ultimate thrill on the water. The 2009 RXP-X RS and
RXT-X RS models bristle with attitude from their dramatic, high-tech, hyper-silver coloration,
chrome highlights and the distinctive look of the high-grip seat. Their bold graphics make them
look fast even tied up at the dock…and the RXP-X RS 255 and RXT-X RS 255 share these
exclusive, high performance “X” features:

• Improved high Performance Intake Grate ensures that the inlet stays hooked-up and
filling the pump, even in the roughest competition conditions.
• X-Seat with low profile design allows the rider to adjust body positioning for maximum
leverage (RXP-X RS only).
• High Performance VTS delivers maximum acceleration or top speed with choice of two
user-defined, preset positions for ideal trim.
• X-Finger Throttle with unique aluminum design is sturdy and lightweight for raceproven
• X-Handlebar with strong and stable riser keeps the rider in complete control in rough

• X-tra Traction from aggressive diamond-plate footwell and rear platform mats for
maintaining grip in no-compromise cornering.
The 2009 RXP-X RS 2-seater is the ultimate buoy-course leader, with the priority on nimble
handling and quick corner-to-corner performance. For 2009, tweaks such as new impeller grind
specs, a new intake grate and raising the O.P.A.S. fins slightly, have upped the top end by 3
mph, the equivalent of a 15 hp gain.. Inspired by the growing popularity of offshore racing, the
2009 RXT-X RS 255 3-seater is optimized for top performance. A new intake grate has added
1.5 mph, the equivalent of 7.5 hp. Under the very demanding big wave conditions of the
offshore riding environment, this new high-performance intake grate also ensures a positive
hook-up for maximum thrust. Meanwhile, a special new look “international” look also sets the
RXT-X RS apart and gives it plenty of dock appeal. These powerful watercraft deliver the
quickest acceleration ever offered on a production PWC, able to travel 61 m / 200 ft from a
standing start in under four seconds, comparable to the most exotic sports cars. For superior
handling, better turning precision, and more fun than any segment competitor, look no farther
than the 2009 Sea-Doo RXP-X and RXT-X for best-in-class riding experience.



The RXP 215 model powers its way across the waves with a 215 hp supercharged and
intercooled Rotax 4-TEC engine. As the first production watercraft to deliver more than 200 hp,
the RXP features the Sea-Doo-exclusive, thumb-controlled, VTS electric trim for on-the-fly
adjustment that maximizes acceleration and high-speed stability. With its radical semi-V hull
design and striking new yellow coloration, the RXP delivers razor-sharp handling and greater
maneuverability at impressive speeds.
Available for 2009 in the new Yellow coloration as well as Silver Metallic, the RXT 215 offers the
same high performance features as the RXP. The RXT model comes with a convenient ski eye
for easy and secure attachment of a ski rope, a retractable re-boarding step for easier deep
water boarding, and a large re-boarding platform. Celebrated as the industry’s first 3-seater
musclecraft, the RXT 215 is a strong podium performer, having won several World Offshore
For 2009, the best selling Sea-Doo RXP 2-seater and RXT 3-seater rock with the muscle car
inspired design and dramatic coloration that have defined the performance segment.


Of course, every 2009 Sea-Doo RXP and RXT model includes all of the exclusive and industryleading
BRP technology for which the Sea-Doo name is famous (see Technology Backgrounder
for full details). The list starts with Rotax 4-stroke engines, built to last for up to ten years of fun
on the water, that deliver superior power, outstanding reliability, low maintenance and have
earned a coveted California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3 star rating for ultra-low emissions,
while meeting EC Rules for low noise. Other benefits include:

• Closed-Loop Cooling System™;
• Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™);
• D-Sea-BEL™ sound reduction system;
• Multifunction digital info centre;• Off Power Assisted Steering (O.P.A.S.™) System;
• Sea-Doo Learning Key™;
• Wide handlebars; and
• Tip-Over Protection System (T.O.P.S.™)

With the next generation Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 model leading the way, BRP delivers the
most powerful and quickest performance watercraft in the industry for 2009.



Muscle craft are back with a vengeance, horsepower has hit new heights and Sea-Doo is back on top. Spicer test drives the all new RXP-X and RXT-X.RXT- IS ( intelligent suspension.!! )

Elevated high on a house boat on ' Lake Shasta, California, I caught . my first glimpse of the X models. As the silver craft shimmered into sight, the swarm of journalists onboard welcomed the skis with a round of applause and an explosion of shutters.

Reincarnated for 2008, the new RXP and RXT combine a heady mixture of futuristic looks and modern materials, not to mention the most powerful PW engine in production.
While the two skis spun tantalizingly in the harbour, Philippe Normand, product manager for BRP International, ran through the X craft' spec with us: both have high-grip racing seats, billet-machined handlebars, 'quick shift' trim and a whopping 255hp Rotax engine.

These skis retain Sea-Doo's industry title of best power-to-weight ratio, and as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2008, you can sense the pride. Philippe concluded his boat top presentation by saying: "Sea-Doo has raised the bar with these craft." But could they really be that different from the old RXP and RXT?

Easing out slowly onto Lake Shasta on a shiny new RXP-X I was immediately aware of the acceleration potential, even with small blips of the trigger. Power has been packed into the bottom-end so tightly that it feels like a jack-in-the-box itching to be released. Once out on open water I pinned the throttle, sending the ski screaming up onto the plane and me backwards, very nearly off the back. It's seriously quick. According to .BRP the X craft' acceleration is 0.2 seconds faster than a Ferrari F40. and it feels like it too.

The grunt of the thing is just incredible. It's fast, furious and frenetic - like a wild animal hungry for its prey. BRP claims that the X craft will travel 200 feet in under four seconds and I believe them. The power delivery is unreal: you're up on the plane in a flash with your arms being torn out of their sockets and expletives coming out of your mouth like Pat Butcher on an off day


So, where did all the extra power come from? Well, the 215 hp RXP engine has been improved with bigger fuel injectors, an upgraded supercharger (which produces 20 per cent more air flow), and a larger intercooler that allows a denser charge. The new intercooler is the most significant mod because it reduces heat by 60 per cent more than the intercooler on the 215.

This is crucial as superchargers heat up air flbw in an engine and this has a negative effect. Sr>although the new intercooler is bigger, this is where the bulk of the extra power comes from to allow those 40 extra horses. But as you can imagine, more power also means more wear, so stronger steel washers coated with titanium now replace the ceramic washers used in the 215, and these should be able to deal with the additional pressure.

Clutch lubrication has also been improved in this supercharger, with oil being pumped dowrr the centre of the shaft to constantly supply the clutch with fresh oil. However, even with enhanced workings, we have to ask the question, will so much power have a negative effect on engine reliability? Only time will tell.


Gobbling up the tree-laden horizon at a sickening rate of knots I leaned down into the wind, throttle wide open, with my weight over the back of the ski. The hook up is awesome. Throughout my whole ride the pump stayed stuffed, whacking out a constant blast even when zinging over other boat's wakes. In this sense it is a different animal to its predecessor and is mainly thanks to a new top-loading intake grate with longer inlets.

Working deliciously well with the scoop grate is a new fat-boy aluminium racing pump: an axial-flow, single stage, large hub with ten-vane stator that is 18 mm wider than the old RXP's. But the top-loading grate and the angle that the impeller has been pitched at means that the horse power won't reach the top end so the skis can't . exceed 65mph

the maximum speed set by Coastguards in the US. However GPS readings were actually topping out at 68.8 mph and, speaking to Tim McKercher from BRP's Media Relations team, he said: "It would be very easy to get more speed out of the X craft. All you would need to do is fit a new grate that isn't such a top loader, so the power would reach the top end then add a new prop with a different pitch. You could get an extra four or five miles per hour out of them no problem."

Thrashing the steering from one side to another, with my muscles aching and grin spreading, the craft shifted quickly. The new billet racing handlebars not only look wicked but are lightweight and give a good responsive feedback from your actions. The bars are set at a lower profile that's better suited to racing, they are nice and wide (the same width as the '07 RXP/T bars), and come with a hefty chin guard, which could come in handy considering the deceleration of this ski... BRP has also added a swanky billet finger throttle which is class. It's about time Sea-Doo swapped over to finger throttles as I think they are more comfortable for riding, so the position change and simultaneous upgrade to billet-aluminium was well worth the wait.

What else? The cornering is fast, thanks to the handlebars and wider pump, although you have to be strong with it - this is no little girl's ski. The flatwater lake didn't really let me see how well the RXP-X would handle in surf but the hulls on both X models have been lengthened to accommodate the bigger grate, so the extra length and extra couple of pounds should help to prevent them slamming in choppier conditions.

Likewise the trim system, now gratefully fitted to the RXT too, will aid handling in rough water. Controlling hard turns is helped by the low grippy seat and diamond grip mats, which let you shift your weight with confidence s you can counterbalance the G-force. But back to that trim:

When fully trimmed out you can literally jump the whole ski clean out of the water. It is amazing fun. From neutral, with one crank of the throttle you clear the whole hull from the wet stuff and even flick little mid-air turns. Plus the 'quick shift' makes it easy to adjust the trim - there's no need to wrsnch 3 handle I grip against the force of the jet, you just push a button up or down. The RXP-X is a full on thrill ride. After an hour on the water I came back in and had heart palpitations for nearly the same amount of time again. Mad as a box of frogs.

Onto the RXT-X... I'll cut to the chase, what we all want to know is how it holds up against the Kawasaki Ultra 250X, and back on board the house boat I got the chance to find out. The BRP boys were so confident that they brought an Ultra to their own launch to race the RXT-X against! Fretty ballsy, right? The 250 is an incredible machine and only slightly less powerful, although it is heavier than the RXT-X by 40 kilos, so how would it fair? Diplomatically, Philippe asked one of the journalists to ride the Kawasaki and allowed the model racers, Francky Zapata and Cyrille Lemoine, to race the RXT-X and RXP-X. From a standing start, the RXP-X and RXT-X burned away from

the Ultra by at least two ski lengths. The Ultra was quick, don't get me wrong, but the Sea Doos were well ahead. Aside from the speed, another factor working in Sea-Doo's favour, is that, according to BRP's figures, the RXT-X is 58 per cent more fuel efficient than the Ultra 250.

I had less time to test drive the RXT-X but it was long enough to get a good impression of it. Accommodating a third person means more size so unsurprisingly it is less nimble than the RXP-X, although it still goes like shit off the proverbial shovel. Like the RXP-X, giving it masses of rein through corners isn't to be taken lightly, it will grip on the sponsons but if you haven't got the strength to hold on, the chance of high-siding is, well, high... For handling, it's chunkier and more boat-like than the RXP-X but it's a three-seater so what do you expect.

I slowed down for this run, using my time to check out the speedo, info gauges and general appearance of the boat. The curvy displays look cool but are harder to view than the old RXP, especially if you're doing a zillion miles per hour. Styling, of course, is totally subjective and for some people the metallic silver and orange colour scheme may be a bit garish but I reckon it rocks. The seat covers, gel coat and mats all have a wicked metallic finish that give the X craft a high-tec appearance but, combined with the orange, is curiously similar to the Hydrospace S4. Mmmm... Maybe BRP thought they would pip HSR-Benelli to the post before the release of their new runabout, or perhaps it's just a coincidence.

The X craft are the fastest, angriest skis to emerge from BRP. Forget slow and building speed, they are acceleration hounds that deliver a hot spike of power from the first tap of throttle. The adrenalin-soaked pace wanes towards the top end, which is a deliberate and sensible safety feature for these stock skis, but for those who want it there's more power and it isn't hard to access.
It may sound like an obvious thing to say but I wouldn't recommend the X craft to anyone without some serious riding experience under their belts. Wisely, both come with learner keys that limit engine RPM and top speed to either 35 or 50 mph, but in full-on mode, these are definitely not beginners' skis.

Responsible words of advice out of the way, these are blinding good fun and I love them. The closest comparison I could give is to James Bushell's race-tuned RXP which I tested last year. Admittedly, they are not as terrifying as his machine but for a stock PW they are unbelievable. These are essentially racing skis available for the recreational market, meaning that they are a physically demanding ride and require a fair dose of bravery.

Sea-Doo has stepped up the level of performance by forging a pair of warp-speed watercraft that will literally (as their maxim goes) leave everything else behind. These craft are beasts, suitable for the type of rider who's inherently got petrol pumping through their veins and who always wants to be the fastest thing on the water. If your muscles can handle it, these are the most exciting skis that money can buy



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